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Home Locksmith Tools for Beginners

Successful lock improvement projects require the right set of home locksmith tools. Learn more about the various kinds of home locksmith tools you can choose.

Home locksmith tools prepare the handy homeowner to replace, install, re-key and remove locksets. Possessing basic locksmith tools and dexterity may also be very useful for the landlord who frequently changes locks. Home use tools range from sophisticated and specially designed gadgets to multi purpose hand tools which can be used everyday by any locksmith. Lee, for instance, even has shops that sell home locksmith tool sets for beginners.
Wire Knob Removal Tool
Even though most stiff wires complete the job, re-key sets usually come with a special wire knob removal tool perfect for an inexperienced locksmith. Victoria locksmiths use wire knob removal tools since these can perfectly fit into a depression on the sides of almost all standard knobs. This tool is used to push and unlock a tab that holds the knob in place once it is inserted in the depression. A wire knob removal tool allows a locksmith to pull the knob and lock cylinder off the door without displacing the entire lockset. Without fail, a wire knob removal tool can even be used by an aspiring locksmith. Dulwich-based locksmiths always have wire knob removal tools ready.
Retaining Ring Tool
Retaining ring tools are uniquely designed wrenches that are used to unlock and remove the small rings that secure a lock cylinder plug in lock cylinders. This tool may look like a standard box wrench, which is long, has a straight handle and a C-shaped head. On the other hand, the size of the retaining ring tool’s gripping head precisely fits around and unlocks cylinder retaining rings. The retaining ring tool works like a wrench which can be used by any locksmith. Feltham locksmiths usually place the tool around the retaining ring and turn the tool to loosen the ring.
Cylinder Plug Follower
This locksmith tool is a small hollow tube designed to keep cylinder pins and springs in place while the cylinder plug is removed. The cylinder plug follower’s inner dimension conforms to the outer dimension of the cylinder plug. This tool is usually inserted over the cylinder plug and pulls both follower and plug off the cylinder simultaneously. The cylinder plug follower acts as a sheath or covering that keeps the springs and cylinder pins from popping out of the plug.
These tools grip and handle cylinder pins, which are commonly 1/16 inch in diameter or thinner. Though household tweezers may do the job, home locksmith kits usually have tweezers included, which taper to a pointed tip. Tapered points let locksmiths insert the tips of the tweezers on the interiors of the cylinder plug’s pin holes unlike a straight edge.

A set of assorted screwdrivers may come in handy for locksmiths who need to remove an entire lockset from a door since it can handle various types of screws. A screwdriver set for lock removal usually includes both slotted tipped screwdrivers and Phillips tipped screwdrivers. In addition, a locksmith may need an offset or long shank screwdriver to loosen screws that are hidden behind knobs. For more Information you can visit our WEBSITE.